Zoho Commerce Help
Zoho Commerce Help

Shipping Carriers

In this module, you can integrate with shipping services, FedEx and UPS.

 Go to Settings from the home page and click on Shipping Carriers under General.

To set up FedEx:
  1. Click Set Up adjacent to the FedEx logo.
  2. Enter your account credentials and click OK.
To set up UPS:
  1. Click Set Up adjacent to the UPS logo.
  2. Enter your UPS account number and click OK.

Shipping Via a Carrier

To ship via a shipping carrier:
  1. Go to Orders on the home page and click on the order that you want to ship.
  2. From the Order Details page, click Ship and select Ship Via Carrier.
  1. Choose your preferred carrier.
  2. Your From and To addresses will be filled in, click Validate to proceed.
  3. After validating your addresses, click Save and Continue.
  1. In the next page, select your parcel type, and enter your ship date and your package weight, along with the dry ice weight.
  2. Select your preferred delivery options and click Get Rate.
  3. Click Save and Continue after reviewing your prices.
  4. You can now download and print your shipping label.