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Zoho Commerce Help

Preparing your CSV file for import

While preparing your CSV file for import, ensure that your column headers match the headers given below.

Note: Product Name and Selling Price are mandatory fields.

 CSV Column Header Definition
Product Name Enter the product's title
Store DescriptionEnter the product's description
Long DescriptionEnter the product's details
Brand Enter the product's brand
AttributeName1Title of the first attribute
AttributeName2Title of the second attribute
AttributeName3Title of the third attribute
 AttributeOption1Value of the first attribute
AttributeOption2Value of the second attribute
AttributeOption3Value of the third attribute
AttributeType1, AttributeType2, AttributeType3Enter the type of the attributes. It can be either 'colour' or 'text'.
Category URLEnter the product's category URL
TagsEnter the product's tags (separated by commas)
SEO KeywordEnter the SEO keywords (separated by commas)
SEO TitleEnter the SEO title 
SEO DescriptionEnter the SEO description
Show In StoreEnter YES/NO to display the product on the store
On SaleEnter YES/NO if the product is on sale 
Qualifies For ReturnsEnter YES/NO if the product qualifies for returns
Item TypeEnter 'Inventory' to enable inventory tracking for the product
UPCEnter the product's UPC
EANEnter the product's EAN
ISBNEnter the product's ISBN
Part NumberEnter the product's MPN
Selling PriceEnter the product's selling price
Label PriceEnter the product's retail price
AttributeOptionData1, AttributeOptionData2, AttributeOptionData3

Enter the color's hexadecimal value here (eg: Red - #FF0000). This field is needed only when the attribute is of 'colour' type.

SKU Enter the product's SKU
Reorder LevelLow stock limit for receiving email notifications 
Opening StockEnter the product's quantity (if inventory tracking is enabled)
Package Weight The product's weight 
Package WidthThe product's width 
Package HeightThe product's height 
Package LengthThe product's length 
Please ensure that the CSV file you upload meets the following guidelines:
  1. If your product comes in different variants, enter each variant in a separate row.
  2. Attribute name, attribute type, and attribute option all have to correlate to their particular numbers. Eg, AttributeName1 must have its type entered in AttributeType1.
  3. 'colour' attribute type would result in your variants' colors visually displayed on your website's product page. Else, the color would be displayed only as text.
  4. Enter the color’s hexadecimal value under AttributeOptionData. This field exists only for a color attribute. Eg: Red correlates to #FF0000.
  5. Enter ‘Inventory’ under ItemType to enable inventory tracking for the product.
  6. Categories have to be created first for products to be mapped under those categories.
  7. Enter 'YES' or 'NO' in capital letters for Show in Store, On Sale, and Qualified for Returns