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Zoho Commerce Help

Email Notifications 

Under Email Notifications, you can choose to send email notifications to your customers once they place an order and receive updates when your customers make an online payment, and more. To go about this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings on the home page.
  2. Click Email Notifications found under Store Settings. 
  3. Turn on whichever automated emails you'd like to have. 
  4. Click Save after you're done. 


You can send the following email notifications to your customers:

  • Order details after their payment is successful
  • When their order is confirmed
  • When they request a cancellation
  • When their cancellation request is approved or declined
  • When their order is canceled
  • When their order has been refunded
  • When they request a return
  • When their return request is approved or declined
  • Once their order successfully reaches them 
  • Once their order has been shipped 
  • Send an email the following day containing a link to their abandoned cart

You can also choose to receive emails for the following:

  • When a product's stock goes low
  • When a product goes out of stock
  • When a customer successfully pays online
  • When an order is placed