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SSL in Zoho Commerce

SSL is a secure connection, used to create trust among customers by establishing a secure connection within your online store. A green padlock symbol and a branded URL help customers trust the website. SSL is particularly useful for securing data during online transactions, or while transmitting confidential data online, such as your address or your credit card details

SSL certificates have two keys—a public and a private key—which work together to establish an encrypted function. Certificates can be installed to the server to create credibility for your website.


To configure SSL, navigate to Settings--> Configure--> SSL


You can choose from the following two options:

1. Get SSL certificate

Click the Get SSL certificate button. If no custom domain is configured for your store, a reminder will appear saying "You must have at least one custom domain to enable SSL on your site." Click Close.

Next, a pop-up will appear saying 'Your site will be hosted with a certificate from Let's Encrypt.' Click Yes, Continue.

Upon continuing, SSL certificate will be automatically scheduled for installation. 

2. Install your own SSL
If you have an SSL certificate key, private key, and CA chain, it can be manually entered to install SSL for your domain name.