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Zoho Commerce Help

Migrating from Shopify to Zoho Commerce

This guide will help you migrate your Shopify store to Zoho Commerce. For a quick and painless experience, we recommend that you set up up a Zoho Commerce store if you don't already have one. 

The data migration from Shopify will take place in three simple steps:

Export Products from Shopify

    1.  Log in to your Shopify Store.

    2.  From the Shopify Admin panel, under Products on the left panel and select All Products.

    3.  Click Export on the top panel.

    4.  From the dialog box, you can choose from All products if you want to migrate all your products from the Shopify store.

    5.  Select Export as CSV for Excel, Numbers, or any other spreadsheet program.

    6Click Export Products to start exporting.

Note:  Sorting the CSV file might result in dissociation of products and their images, so please take care with file operations, and make a backup. 

Important Note:  It is important to keep your store live even after you have exported all your data. The exported CSV file in the above steps has links to product images. These images will only be automatically imported to your new store if they are accessible on a live public website. Please leave your old store intact until the entire migration process is complete.   

Migrate using Shopify Plugins

You can use Shopify plugins, such as Excelify or Xporter Data Export Tool for migration. They allow you to use their bulk export functionality for the process of exporting your data from the platform.

Note:  If your new store uses the same domain as the previous one, Shopify's HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) will be in place for 90 days. This forces browsers to access your website with an HTTPS connection. HSTS will prevent network attacks while ensuring the safety of your information along with those of your customer.

 Import Products into Zoho Commerce

You are now ready to import products into your existing Zoho Commerce store. If you haven't created your new store with us yet, please do so by clicking on Create your Store now.

    1. Sign in to your Zoho Commerce store.

    2. Select Products from the dashboard.

    3. Select Import Products from the top-right corner.

    4. Choose the file to be uploaded. This is the CSV file we exported from Shopify in Step 1.

    5. You will need to map the columns in the CSV file to the product detail fields on your Zoho Commerce panel. The columns from the file appear in the dropdown, and you can associate each one with the corresponding field name in Zoho Commerce.

Note:  Mandatory columns, such as Product Name and Price, must be associated with a column on the CSV file. You may add dummy fields if you wish to make the changes manually in the future. 

    6. Click Next.

Note:  The Preview Import Data page will display the number of products to import and the number of products skipped. Products are skipped if the CSV file has missing information in the Name and Price fields. The SEO Description also has a maximum character limit of 255. If products have been skipped, you must open the CSV file and manually correct it. 

    7. Click Import to complete the process. You will now be able to see the imported products under the Products section of the Zoho Commerce portal. 

import images into zoho commerce

Migrating Product Images

While your store is almost ready, there is one final step to complete - the images in your store need to be added! Here are the steps for the same:

        1. Our helpful support team will upload the images to your store as a quick and easy backend process. You can choose either of the two methods below to prepare the images for upload: 

      • Send us the CSV file which you have exported from Shopify.
      • Create a zip folder with the images properly assembled in the following filepath: SKU/imagefile.

        2. Add us as an Admin for your store

      • Go to Settings, under Store Settings, select Users.
      • On the top right corner, click Add User.
      • Select Role as Admin.
      • Click Share.

      On the Invite User page, add one of the email addresses mentioned below based on your Data Center (DC). Your DC depends upon the country where your account was created. One way is to check the Top Level Domain(TLD) of your store's website (Ex: www.abcd.com, where .com is your TLD)

      .com - US DC - sites-admin@services.zodoor.com

      .in - IN DC - sites@services.zodoor.in

      .eu - EU DC - sites@services.zodoor.eu

      .au - AU DC - sites@services.zodoor.com.au


      In case of any clarification please check with our support team.

      3. Send us an email at presales@zohocommerce.com. We will verify your data and upload the images to your store. If there is anything we need to contact you for, we will reach out to you using the contact details you submitted when setting up your store.