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Using the Specifications module, you can add additional specifications for your products. Create specification sets for your products, and then group your specification fields by category. These specifications are displayed neatly on your product page, in a tab next to Product Details. 

Enabling Specifications

To enable specifications, follow these steps:

1. By default, specifications are disabled from your online store. Enable specifications from Settings > Preferences

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Preferences page and change your option to Show. After this, click Save

Creating Specifications

To create a specification set for your product, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings on the home page left tab, and click Specifications.

2. Click Add Specification to get started.

3. Enter your product type (such as Mobiles, Computers) as your specification name, and click Next.

4. Enter a group name, and their associated fields and values below. Use groups to categorize your various specification fields for that product type.  

5. Enter your different fields along with their values. Click Save once you're done.

6. In the next page, add more groups by clicking Add Group at the top right corner. 

7. You can re-order your groups by clicking the ellipsis icon and dragging your group to a new location. Click Save after you're done, or Reset to start over. 

8. You can edit or delete a group by hovering over it and clicking the corresponding icon. 

9. The specifications that you've created will be listed on the left. Click Add Specification to create a new specification. 

10. After you've added your specifications, go to your product page and add the specification set corresponding to that product. 

11. Choose your values for the fields you wish to display. Fields with no values won't be displayed. 

12. Don't forget to click Save after you're done. 

13. Now, your specifications will be displayed on your store as shown below. Note that the format might vary based on the template that you've chosen. 

Renaming and Deleting Specifications

To rename or delete a specification that you've created:

1. From the Specifications module, hover over the specification that you want to rename or delete.

2. Click the ellipsis icon and click Rename or Delete