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Custom Fields

Using custom fields, you can display additional information for your products as well as receive some product data from customers, like a message to be printed or notes related to the product.

Creating Custom Fields

All custom fields you create get added to your products. You can use layouts to add a different set of custom fields. To create a custom field, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Settings and click Custom Fields found under General.

2. To create a new custom field, click Add Field.

3. In the next page, give your field a name under Field Label.

4. Choose your field type out of the various options like Text Box (Single line), Text Box (Multi line), Email, URL, Phone Number, Number, Decimal, Amount, Percentage, Date, Decision Box (Checkbox), Auto-Generate Number, Dropdown, Multi Select.

5. Choose whether you want to display data or get input data from your customers. 

6. Choose the level of PII sensitivity of the data. If your data is not sensitive, personally identifiable information, then enter your default value in the Default Value box.

7. Use the toggles if you want to make the field a mandatory field, and to include the field in the Order Details page. You can also choose to display your custom field in your invoice and packing slip PDFs.


  • If you selected Auto-Generate Number as your data type, enter the prefix, starting number, and suffix. Numbers will get auto-generated from the starting number that you’ve entered.

  • If you selected Dropdown or Multi Select, enter your options and your default value. 

  • A maximum of 44 custom fields can be created.

Editing and Deleting Custom Fields

To edit a custom field, follow these steps:
  1. Hover over the custom field you want to edit and click the Edit []icon.
  2. Make the necessary changes and click Save.


The field type and display type can't be changed once added.

To delete a custom field, hover over the field you want to delete and click the Delete [] icon.

Reordering Custom Fields

To change the order in which your custom fields are displayed, follow these steps:
  1. Click the Ellipsis icon adjacent to the custom field and move it to the location you'd like.

2. Click Save after you're done. Click Reset to go back to your default order.


The custom field 'Include a note for us' will look like below when implemented in a real store.

Creating Layouts

Layouts are groups of custom fields. Create a layout so that you can easily add a set of custom fields to your product.

To add a layout, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings on the home page, and click Custom Fields found under General.

2. Select the Layout tab at the top and click Add Layout.

3. Give your layout a name, and add a description if necessary.

4. Choose from the custom fields you have created to add to your layout.

5. Click Save after you're done.

Adding Layouts to Products

By default, all custom fields are added to your products. To change the custom fields for a particular product, choose the layout containing your preferred fields and click Save.