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Zoho Commerce Help

Member Portal

Using the Member Portal, customers can log in to access their past orders and to save their addresses for faster checkouts.  

Accessing the Member Portal

To access the Member Portal, 
  1. Go to Site Settings on the home page.
  2. Click Member Portal found under General.
  3. Click Create Member Portal.


    From the Preferences section of the Member Portal, you can set up your configurations.

    Enable Member Portal: When the Member Portal is enabled, customers can sign up on your website and then login to access to their past orders, saved addresses and check their order statuses, 

    Enable Sign Up: When sign up is enabled, customers will have to enter their details to create an account. If you disable sign up, you'll need to invite customers to sign up by sending an invite link to their email. 

    Email Notification: Turn on to receive an email notification each time a customer signs up.

    Sign Up Fields: Choose the fields you'd like to include in your sign up form, in addition to the mandatory fields.


    From the Members section at the top left, you can view the customers who signed up on your site, as well as invite new users to sign up, personally.