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Import/Export Products

When migrating from another platform, you can just export them from your existing store in a CSV format, then import them here. To add multiple products with minimal efforts, we can use import and export option. Bulk update of product details can also be done using this feature.

Import Products

When shifting from another store, you needn't add all your products from scratch—you can just export them from your existing store in a CSV format, then import them here.

To Import Products

  1. Select Products on the home page.
  2. Click Import Products.
  3. Download the sample CSV or XLS file and ensure that your import file sticks in the same format.
  4. Click Choose File and select the CSV or XLS file that you'd like to import.
  5. Based on how you exported your products, select the type of Character Encoding and File Delimiter. UTF-8 is the default character encoding, and comma is the default file delimiter. 
  6. Click Next.
  1. In the following page, choose the fields that correspond to the respective headings. Product title and selling price are mandatory.
  2. Click Next after you're done.
  3. In the next window, you can preview your import data. Click Import to proceed.

Export Products

To export your products
  1. Go to Products on the home page.
  2. Click the Export Products button at the top of the page.
  3. Select your preferred file format in the pop-up and click Export.

Bulk Update on Product Details

To bulk update your product details, first export your products, make the necessary changes in the export file, and then import it back into your store. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Products and click Export Products at the top.
  1. Click Export in the following pop-up to export your products as an XLS file.
  1. In the XLS file, update your product details as required, and then save it as a CSV file.
  1. Now, import the CSV file into your store.

Note: Make sure to consolidate all your changes before you convert your file to a CSV.