Zoho Commerce Help
Zoho Commerce Help

Enhanced Coupons

Coupons have been known to help you market your store and your products better. We now offer product coupons that are specific to particular products along with our category specific coupons and site wide coupons.

Advanced Coupon Settings

Go to Settings > Preferences under Store Settings. Under Coupon Settings

  1. Move the toggle Enable coupons for your store to activate coupons in your store.

  2. Enable Coupons on Product page will allow coupons to be displayed on product page specifically.

  3. Enable Timer will allow a timer to be displayed with the remaining time available for the coupon.

  • Choose between the coupon's start time where it will show the time remaining for the particular coupon to expire from the time it started. Product preview page will be displayed below for better understanding.
  • Set a custom time where it will display the remaining time from the time set by you. Provide days count when coupon will be active. Product preview page will be displayed below for better understanding. 

4. Show Claim Rate upon enabling will show the percentage of coupons that have been claimed. Set minimum value beyond which the claimed percentage will displayed on the storefront.

  1.  Enable coupon on checkout page if you wish to show all applicable coupons during checkout.

  2. Click Save. 

Note: This option is only available with the PRO Plan of Zoho Commerce.