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Composite Products

Composite products allow individual products to be grouped together to form kits or bundles. This feature is useful for up-selling and cross-selling online.

When using existing products from the catalogue, for every bundle created, the quantity of the individual product will decrease, while increasing the quantity of the composite products.

To enable composite products

    1. Go to Products, then click Add Products.

    2. Choose Add Composite Products from the options.

    3. Click Enable in the pop-up window.

    4. In the Preferences page, under Product Settings, enable the toggle beside Composite Products.

    5. Click Save.

    To add composite products

      1. Select Add composite product from the options below Add Products to add more composite products.Choose Add Composite Products from the options.

      2. Under the General section, enter the name of the product in the Title field. The URL will be auto-fill the name of the product.

      3. Click Add Product in the Add Composite Product section.

      4. Select the products you want to sell as a set using the check boxes beside the products.

      5. Click Add Products to create a set with the selected individual products.

      6. The set with the chosen products will be listed with their Quantity, Selling Price, and Retail Price. The quantity of the product can be changed according to the requirement.

      7. Click Copy from Total to calculate the total cost of the products added.

      8. Click Add Product in the bottom- left of the section to add more products to your set.

      9. Click the X near the retail price of every product to remove the product from your set.

          10. Fill in Product SKU, description, and Product details.

          11. Under the inventory tracking section, enable Track Inventory, if required.

          12. Enable bundling checkbox allows users to create bundles using the existing stock. This will result in the decrease in quantity of individual products in the inventory.

          13. Add Quantity of bundles to be created.

          14. Set Low Stock Limit to remind stock depletion.

            15. Enter Product Identifiers and images, and create any specifications.

            16. Click Save.

      Note: Once a composite product is created, the Bundle Details section will be available to set the Bundle quantity. This will increase the quantity of the composite product while the quantity of the individual products will be reduced in inventory stock.

      Manage Stock

      1. Go to Settings, then click Manage Stock under the General section.
      2. Select Increase, then provide a quantity to increase the stock of the composite product. Total stock will show the updated quantity.
      3. Select Decrease, then provide a quantity by which the quantity has to be reduced. Total stock will show the updated quantity.
      4. Click Save.

      Note: Updating the stock of the composite product from here will not reduce the quantity of the individual products from the inventory stock. These products are being added as new additions to the existing stock.