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Zoho Commerce Help

Buy Button

Using the Buy button feature, you can include your products and collections on other websites that you have access to.

How it works:

  • Choose a product or collection that you want displayed in another website.
  • You'll get a code that you can then paste into that site's HTML section.
  • When someone clicks on Buy, they will be redirected to your website's checkout page.

Repeat this process for whichever products and collections you'd like to include.

Set up a Buy button:

  1. Go to Settings, and click Buy Button found under General
  1. Choose whether you'd like to feature a product or collection.
  1. If you chose Product, select the product that you want displayed. If you chose Collection, select the collection.
  1. In the next page, you can edit the layout and presentation of the product images and your Buy button
  1. Click Get Code when you're done.
  1. Now, click Copy code to clipboard in the following pop-up window.
  1. Paste this code into the HTML section of your desired website, and you're all set.