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Avalara (Supported in US only)

Avalara AvaTax lets you automate your taxes by providing taxability rules, rates, and jurisdiction boundaries.

Benefits of setting up Avalara:

  • Determine whether each item is taxable in the customer’s location.
  • Fetch precise tax rates for each transaction by mapping to the right tax jurisdictions.
  • Avoid wrong tax rates. Save time with automated taxes, and minimize audit errors.

What Avalara does:

  • Fetches the right tax rates for all transactions.
  • Automates final tax calculations.

Access Avalara’s video library: https://www.avalara.com/us/en/learn/videos.html

Set up Avalara:

  • Avalara integration is only available for organisations whose country is US.
  • Make sure you have an account in Avalara. You can create tax codes for your organization and use these later in Zoho Commerce.
  • You'll need the credentials provided in Avalara (such as Account Number, License Key, and Company Code) to set up the integration. If no company code is provided, the default company in Avalara will be integrated with Zoho Commerce.To set up Avalara, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Settings, and click Avalara found under Integrations.
  1. Click Enable Integration to start.
  1. Enter your login credentials to connect your store with Avalara. Select 'Development' mode when you want to test the integration in a sandbox environment. 'Production' mode will actually make the integration live. Click OK when you're done.
  1. After you’ve connected, you'll see the screen shown below:
  1. Now, go to the Products section, and enter the tax code for every product in your store, as provided by Avalara. As you add new products, add in their tax codes. 
  1. To add tax codes for product variants, click on the variant's edit icon and enter the tax code. You can also add tax codes as you add new variants.

Once a tax code is associated in Zoho Commerce, Avalara will use a combination of this and the address of the customer to determine the taxability status of the item (tax exempt, partially or fully taxable) in your customer’s location.


  • Manual tax calculation will be disabled once Avalara is integrated.
  • Make sure the details in your Organization Profile are correct, including your address and phone number. This is important, since your 'From' address will be taken from here.
Coupon discounts:

Coupon discounts will be split proportionally amongst the items in any given order, and the items will be taxed accordingly.

Taxes on shipping charges:

When you enable taxes on shipping charges from the Taxes section, Avalara will automatically calculate taxes for shipping charges.

Delete Avalara integration
To delete your integration:
  1. Click Disable Integration from the Avalara page in Zoho Commerce.
  1. Click OK in the confirmation pop-up.

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