Zoho Commerce Help
Zoho Commerce Help

Getting Started

Welcome to Zoho Commerce!


So you've decided to sell your products online and build your very own e-commerce store. 

Awesome! Using Zoho Commerce, you can create collections, manage orders, set up shipping, track metrics, accept online payments, and ultimately build your e-commerce website, all by yourself.


Getting around the interface might seem a bit perplexing at first glance, but don't worry, this guide has everything you'll need to get your store up and running.  

If you already have a Zoho Books or Zoho Inventory account, select your organization during sign up so your online store gets synced to the same organization.

Products, Categories, and Collections

Website Building

Configuring Your Store


Other Settings


Here's what you'll need to do before launching your store:

  1. Choose a template for your site: Select from our range of beautifully-crafted templates to suit your business. 
  2. Add your products, categories, and collections: Add the products you offer along with pictures and details. Group them into categories for easy navigation. Additionally, you may also create assorted collections of products. 
  3. Choose a domain for your site: Map your existing domain or opt for a new domain. You can also choose to go with a sub-domain. 
  4. Set up your payment providers, shipping rates, and taxes: Enable your payment providers, set up your shipping rates, and add your taxes.
  5. Customize your storefront: Add pages to your website and customize the look of your storefront to suit your preferences. 
  6. Set up your email notifications: Set up the notifications you want to send to your customers and the ones you want to receive.