Zoho Commerce Help
Zoho Commerce Help


Here's what you'll need to do before launching your store:
  1. Choose a template for your site: Select from our range of beautifully-crafted templates to suit your business.
  2. Add your products, categories, and collections: Add the products you offer along with pictures and details. Group them into categories for easy navigation. Additionally, you may also create assorted collections of products.
  3. Choose a domain for your site: Map your existing domain or opt for a new domain. You can also choose to go with a sub-domain. 
  4. Set up your payment providers, shipping rates, and taxes: Enable your payment providers, set up your shipping rates, and add your taxes.
  5. Customize your storefront: Add pages to your website and customize the look of your storefront to suit your preferences.
  6. Set up your email notifications: Set up the notifications you want to send to your customers and the ones you want to receive.